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KUU Cernik je punopravna članica CIOFF-a i HSK


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The Cultural Association KUU Cernik was founded in 2004 and preserves the heritage of folklore and music from the area around Cernik and our beautiful homeland.

The members of the cultural association are divided into three groups. The representatives, two groups of children and a Tamburize orchestra with traditional musical instruments.

Apart from the traditional dances of the region there are also choreographic influences from all over Croatia, for example, old songs and dances from Split, Baranje, Međimurja, Posavina, Brodskog posavlja, Korduna, Vrlike.

KUU is a legitimate member of the CIOFF equal, that is represented by the Croatian colors on many events in Croatia and abroad. The Cultural Association has participated in places like Karlovac or Kasela at several events organized by the CIOFF. But even outside Croatia as in the Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hungary.

The organization of the Croatian Cultural Parliament granted the Cultural Association the honor of the first place in the first events of traditional dance in the region.

2013 Vesna Valentić Runjaš was honored for leading singer of the region by Dorin price.

The KUU Cernik was awarded by the Croatian Culture Parliament with the bronze plaque for 10 years of participation and the successful promotion of Croatian traditional culture.

Particular attention gained the KUU by wearing traditional clothes at all performances.

KUU Cernik is also the organizer of the folklore meeting "Lipa moja Slavonijo" which takes place every spring.


With the hard work of each individual member of the association they get many successful awards and also always positive criticism in the world of Folkores.

The artistic director of the ensemble contributes Nikola Kramar and the chairman of the club is Ivan Ivanović.


© Kulturno-umjetnička udruga Cernik